Release Day!! Dominant Persuasions!!

BannerDominant Persuasions

 imageedit_3_4062886737Twelve tales of dominance and submission…where mastery meets passion.

12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon, NYT, & USA Today Bestselling Authors.

In a world of power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM. No is not a safeword, and this deal is only available for a limited time!

Featured Novellas:Cover

  • Submission Dance by Lori King
  • Out of Order by Bella Juarez
  • Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan
  • Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips
  • Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor
  • Broken by Julia Sykes
  • The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn
  • In His Hands by Raven McAllan
  • Indulge by Sherri Hayes
  • Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham
  • Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock
  • Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo


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Blurb for Fire and Ice by Juliet Braddock

What happens when a blizzard immobilizes Manhattan on Valentine’s Day…and a sassy little sub is stuck in her Dungeon with her beloved Dom? With candlelight and a roaring fire to keep them warm on this frigid afternoon, sparks fly between Maxine and Drew as he attempts to cool her down with a bit of tantalizing tenderness…


Enjoy this excerpt of Fire and Ice by Juliet Braddock

Fire and IceI DP Promo 1Louboutin heels in one hand and the silky little garment in her other, she made her way to the full-length mirror to slink into her Valentine’s Day outfit. Once she’d pulled the panties on, the straps that crossed over her tummy were relatively easy to maneuver around. With bows fastened at the neck and hips, she felt like a giant Valentine’s Day gift, all wrapped in crimson just for her Kind Sir.

Mustering her poise, she made her way back toward the tiny kitchen. However, just as she began to stir the chocolate sauce, the first of the three locks on the door turned.

Maxine stopped suddenly, frozen in time. She hadn’t even picked up her clothes yet! Oh, Drew was going to be one Cranky Sir in about a minute.

Folding his hands together, he merely shook his head as he looked around.

“You know I don’t like to punish you on holidays, Almost Mrs. Mack…”

Protest, and he’ll do it! she thought to herself. “But the snow…and Zabar’s was packed…and I wanted to…I just…” She noticed that her voice always seemed to rise an octave when they played.

“What the hell is going on here? This isn’t your bedroom back at the old townhouse, Maxine!” He kicked her bra and sent it scudding across the floor. Through his gruff, though, Maxine could see that smile of approval as he appraised her new little outfit. In his mind, Drew was already unwrapping those bows. “Now, I come here…expecting a little Valentine’s Day release with my fiancé. There’s a mess on the floor. And dammit…she’s not in position yet.”

Turning carefully in those damn shoes, Maxine rolled her shoulders back, the tassels swinging to and fro as she swiveled.

“But I…you…we have…”

Fire and IceI DP Promo 4“Uh-uh-uh!” Drew raised his hand as he crossed the room toward her. “Excuses are not accepted, and you should know that by now.”

In one swift move, he’d clasped her hands in his and held them above her head as he pinned her body against the cold stainless steel refrigerator. “Should I deny you on this frigid, snowy afternoon?”

Now was her chance to spill the beans and send her punishment into overdrive. “I can do that myself, Kind Sir,” she insisted. “Without touching myself.”

Raising a brow, his pride swelled. Such a perfect submissive was she.

“Oh, yeah, Sassypants?” he challenged as he pulled his hands away to pluck at her straps. “Show me…”

Maxine took one very slow, deep breath into her lungs. Wrapping her fingers around the refrigerator door handle, she opened her green eyes wide and held his gaze as he watched her. Already, she could feel her clit twitching beneath that damp wisp of satin that covered her, and her nipples throbbed against those little pasties.

“Uhhhhhhh…” she groaned.

However, Drew couldn’t resist closing just a bit of distance between them, fearing she’d collapse and hurt herself as orgasm took hold. Placing a hand on each side of her, he was ready to catch her, just in case.

“Tell me what you’re thinking right now, Maxine.”

“I’m thinking…ohh, I’m on my knees, Sir…”

“And what are you doing in your little fantasy?”

“Sucking you…sucking you off, Sir…and I’m… oh, fuck…!

Without warning, she gripped his shoulder as she kicked her heel, scraping it against the hardwood floor. His face was so close, so intense, as she writhed before him but not against him. Drew hadn’t laid a single finger on her, yet orgasm consumed her as her body just shook with the shocks of oblivion.

Drew’s thoughts were likewise awhirl. Her sexual appetite knew no boundaries. Maxine’s need to please him—and to please herself—astounded him. Seeing her shuddering and screaming when all he’d done was simply walk in the door and give her a mild scolding nearly reduced him to ashes.

He fucking hated losing control with her, but he simply couldn’t resist slipping his hands between them to rip away those two little hearts from her nipples. He dipped his head to bite down and pulled one swollen little bud between his teeth.

“So help me, Maxine, if I come in my fucking jeans…you’re getting spanked until next Valentine’s D—”

Reality, however, struck him suddenly like a lightning bolt to a tree.


The power went out.

Blurb for Submission Dance by Lori King

Marley Saltzman has a secret fantasy. She wants to let go of everything, and submit to a Dominant. Intrigued by her friends BDSM lifestyle, she convinces him to put her on the guest list for his monthly fetish party. She had no idea how far out of her element she would be until she came face to face with an experienced Dom.

Lex Gregory has been nursing heartache and raising his daughter alone for so long he barely remembers what a submissive feels like at his feet. When he meets Marley, he can’t believe that the naïve woman ever thought she could handle kink. All too quickly his need for her refreshing innocence and lack of preconceived notions grows, and he has to have her.

The two begin a subtle dance of sexual submission and wit that leads to a night of passion and unanswered questions. Will this dance end in heartache, or will they both find their darkest fantasies fulfilled?

Enjoy this excerpt of Submission Dance by Lori King

There was a wicked glint in his eyes that did strange things to her body. Her heart was racing and her palms were as damp as her panties. She was almost afraid to stand up from her seat again for fear she might now have a damp spot on the back of her skirt.

SD DP Promo 3“Would you like to dance, Marley?” Lex asked, rising from the low slung chair. The height of her own seat put her face almost dead even with his crotch, and there was a distinct bulge under his zipper that she found very intriguing, but he didn’t seem to notice her predicament.

“I’m really not much of a dancer…” She stammered for an excuse not to get closer to him. He was too magnetic and charming for her. She was almost afraid that if she let him pull her onto the sparsely populated dance floor, she would turn into putty in his hands and never find herself again.

“The music is slow, and I know what I’m doing. Trust me to lead, and you’ll be fine.” She wasn’t sure if he intended the double meaning behind his words or not, but her clit certainly heard it.

Holding out his hand, he waited for her to lay her palm against his and then he tugged her to her feet. She swayed slightly, and he steadied her with a hand on her lower back just above the curve of her ass. Immediately, she had to fight the urge to press herself against his long muscular body. Certainly he already thought her an easy mark after that steaming kiss; rubbing against him like a cat in heat wouldn’t help her circumstance.

He led her onto the dance floor without another word, and before she could turn to face him, he spun her around once, and then twice, so that her balance was off and she fell into him.

With an arrogant grin on his face, he wrapped his arms around her back, and steadied them on the curve of her spine, but within proper distance from her ass. “Better, now just relax and let me guide you. That’s right, sway with me. Dancing is like making love. It’s sensual, and there’s an exchange of power between every couple. You trust me to lead you in the right movements, and I trust you to follow me, but at any point you can walk away.” His hot breath whispered over her ear from above, and her cheek brushed the smooth silk of his shirt. “You have all the control, Marley.”

Lori KingLex continued to murmur instructions to her, softly seducing her with his body and his innuendos. Her breasts grew heavy and achy, and her nipples were diamond hard points that she knew were probably poking through the thin material covering them. She tipped her head back to look up into his deep blue eyes, and her knees grew weak at the intense lust burning there.

“Careful. If you slip I get to carry you off and say I swept you off your feet. That would make you my rightful prize to do with as I pleased for the night,” he whispered.

Marley snorted out a laugh, “Is that a party rule?”

“No, but everyone knows the black knight steals away the princess at her first ball and seduces her.”


Tour Titles Review

This anthology is great. I love that these wonderful authors came together to compile these stories on the “real” BDSM.
Submission Dance By: Lori King-As always Lori knocks it out of the park. Ms. King really knows her way around storytelling. Very emotional and erotic. The icing is the accuracy of the lifestyle.

Out of Order By: Bella Juarez-Bella never disappoints. The lifestyle and the military accuracy and the way she can weave a story are always super. The little twist in this story is something else.

Surrender Her Inhibitions By: Nicole Morgan-I love a story about past relationships meeting up again. Love has a way of happening no matter what.

Make Believe Submissive By: Daisy Philips-Way to go Daisy! I can relate to your passion and needs finally making themselves known and you have no choice but to follow. The icing is he was already there all along just waiting for her to wake up.

Under His Protection By: Doris O’Connor-Shy girl next door meets sexy guy. Another way fate shows us what is meant to be. Doris put these two together in an awesome story line.

Broken By: Julia Sykes-We all have some sort of hurt from our past. Not always easy to overcome. The way Julia spins this tale is not only hot but very sweet also.

The Sub That Got Away By: Amy J. Hawthorn-Love this story. How I wish we had so much more of it. What great friends that know what you want and need and help you find it.

In His Hands By: Raven McAllan-Raven has a way with her stories especially when she writes BDSM. So much feeling woven into to a short story.

Indulge By: Sherri Hayes-Finally we get Logan and Lily’s story. It may be short but it is sooo worth it.

Submitting To Temptation By: Jan Graham-One of my favorite stories on the anthology. Love the way these two come together and Jan writes it beautifully.

Fire and Ice An Excerpt from KNOTTED By: Juliet Braddock-A great excerpt from a super series. What better way to spend your time during a blizzard. Add into the story the special little presents he gives her. ❤ ❤

Yes, Justin By: Michele Zurlo-Very emotional little ride. Thinking your marriage might be over can be devastating, thinking your wife needs to find someone to give her what she craves is heartbreaking. Thankfully they have a great friend that helps them find each other again.

I enjoyed every one of these stories and I can’t wait to read books from each of these fabulous ladies again.


Join the authors for their release party March 29.

Lots of prizes and sexy talk. Release Day Banner

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Dominant Persuasions
Twelve tales of dominance, and submission, where mastery meets passion.
12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors.
In a world of power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM. No is not a safeword, and this deal is only available for a limited time!


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