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Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth but for Kasey McKinney it was a leather baseball glove. It was only natural though, baseball was the family business. It was the business that permeated every aspect of her life and had been the source of every broken heart she’d ever had.

For Chris Bell, his heart had belonged to Kasey McKinney for as long as he could remember…even before she realized he even existed.  The first time he picked up a bat it was nothing more than a way to make Kasey notice him. But now Baseball was his life.

He’d come a long way from ball boy when a career move led him right back to the place he’d longed to be, right back to Kasey.  But had life stolen too much from her heart for her to be able to love again?


Tour Titles 1
Finally, the press conference was over and I could put this horrible day behind me.  I just had one more stop to make before I could head home to face the mountains of prep work that came with an early season off day.  My shoulders fell as I heard the clicking of Chris’s cleats against the concrete of the tunnel as he ran to catch up with me before I reached the field.  I’d tried since his arrival to avoid this moment, but now it seemed to be inevitable.

“Kasey, wait, please!” he called after me.

I stopped and turned slowly towards him, sighing as I did so.  “What do you want Chris?”

“I thought…I thought we could catch up, you know?” he admitted.

“Really? And why would I want to do that?” I sighed heavily.

“Oh I don’t know.  Because we’re friends?” he challenged.

“Are we?  Are we friends?  Because the last time I saw you I was drowning.  And you just walked away and let me.  You just turned your back and walked away and my life shattered into pieces. Is that what friends do for each other?” I spat, turning and practically running across the field before he could see the tears that were now streaming down my cheeks.


Tour Titles Bio

Lorraine Britt is a fourth generation Native Texan who is also immensely proud of her Louisiana heritage and solid Southern roots. As an enthusiastic lover of the written word, inspiration struck Lorraine and she began to bubble over with her own ideas. Grasping hold of her lifelong dreams, it wasn’t long before she was putting pen to paper and letting her fingers fly over a keyboard to bring her own characters to life. When she isn’t busy scribbling notes for her next idea you might find her whipping up delicious creations in the kitchen or putting miles on her car on road trip adventures. Lorraine is equally passionate about music, movies and sports. You’ll no doubt find these familiar themes woven throughout her books. Lorraine and her family currently make their home in northeast Texas.


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