Stealing His Thunder Blog Tour

Stealing His Thunder Blog Tour


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From the author of the Masters Unleashed series, Sparrow Beckett revs things up with two lovers on a collision course in the first Masters of Adrenaline novel. 

Nothing gives Addison Kennedy a rush like stealing cars. The Lexus was the perfect target, but before she can get its engine purring, she’s cold-cocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself on a bed with a blonde, tattooed god standing over her.

Fox Larson is shocked to discover the thief he knocked out is actually a hot girl. Bringing her home may not have been the smartest move, but he wasn’t about to leave an unconscious and defenseless woman in a parking garage. Besides, if she’s part of an auto theft crew infringing on his territory, he needs to pump her for information.

However, Addison has personal drive that won’t be denied and she’s desperate to prove Fox’s group needs her skills. Submitting to his kinks in the bedroom is a hot yet complicated bonus. When a big job goes bad, and Addison finally gets her chance, will she succeed in stealing his thunder?
Tour Titles Bio

Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. sparrowprofilepicnewThey trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who don’t take themselves too seriously. They also write solo books under the names Sorcha Black and Justice Serai.


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Rated R

“If you wanted to go on a date,” a familiar voice said from behind her, “you could’ve just asked.”

Startled, she spun to face the voice. Fox was there. Close. Too close. And he’d caught her off guard, making her lose some of her previous composure. Feeling flushed, she stood up straighter and forced her mask of confidence into place.

SHTmeme3He prowled the few steps between them, looking especially sexy in his gray button-down shirt and dark slacks. For all his scruff, his long Mohawk, and the tattoos exposed by his rolled up sleeves, the man still cleaned up well.

“You know what I want,” she said, her voice shakier than she’d have liked. “But if it takes a date to get it, then sign me up.”

Eyes narrowed, he stepped in so close that she felt the heat from his body and caught his clean scent. She almost groaned.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

She shrugged nonchalantly. “What? The Mix is one of my favorite hangouts.”

“It’s called The Minx.”

Caught. “Um. Right. That’s what I meant.” The Minx? Really? She turned to look out onto the city again, just to avoid the intensity of his gaze.

He followed her, pressing himself against her back, pinning her in place with his thighs against hers. Her traitorous body reacted—a ball of lust forming low in her belly and her heart pounding like a drum solo at a rock concert.

She glanced to either side, but no one was watching them. In a place like this, she doubted anyone cared what a couple was doing in a dark corner.

“You don’t give up, do you?” he breathed in her ear.

“Never.” She chuckled nervously, trying to clear away some of the tension and slow her breathing. “Persistence is one of my many assets.”

He trailed a hand boldly up her thigh, then brought his other around her waist, stroking her bare stomach. The hand on her thigh moved to her ass, manhandling her as if he owned her. It made her fucking melt. “I thought I told you to stay away,” he growled.

Her knees buckled and she leaned her upper body against the wall. God, she didn’t even care that they were in public. If he wanted to fuck her right there, she’d let him.

Ugh. Why did her self-respect disappear whenever he was nearby? She wasn’t supposed to let it be about this. She needed to stop letting lust control her and stay on task.

Pushing from the wall, she turned around and glared at him. His arms followed her movement, trapping her on either side. “I’m not in the habit of obeying men I barely know.”

I will not kiss him. I will not rub up against him like a bitch in heat.

“That’s inconvenient. I’m used to women obeying me. Another reason you wouldn’t work well with my team.”

She arched a brow. “Maybe you need to be challeng—”

His mouth came down on hers, interrupting her comeback.

Damn. The man kissed her in ways that boggled her mind, and made her think of him using his talented tongue in other, better places. As if on cue, he pressed his hand hard against her pussy, making her jolt up onto her toes. She gasped.

He pulled back just far enough to watch her. “Hm?” He found her clit with his finger over her panties and tapped it. Fuuuuck. Hot and he had good aim. “What were you saying?”

She wanted to spit a hundred curse words at him but god damn him that she couldn’t even make a sound. Not only because her brain seemed to have short-circuited but for fear the people in the club would know what they were doing. As it was, he had her pinned to the wall, but mostly shielded with his body.

At first glance, they’d seem to be in a passionate embrace, but if she drew attention by moaning too loud, they’d see Fox’s hand was up her skirt. The adrenaline coursing through her gave her almost the same high as stealing cars.

His dark chuckle made her want to grind up against his hand. She let out a very quiet but undignified moan instead.

“Do you want me to stop?” he purred in her ear.

“Please, no!”

He moved his hand from around her waist to thread in her hair. “Fuck, you make me crazy.”

SHTmeme2The feeling was mutual.

His lips lowered to hers. “I can’t seem to control myself around you.” He kissed her softly, using his teeth to nip and play. The sensations, paired with what his hand was doing to her pussy, made her almost willing to beg. When she moaned again, he swallowed the sound with his mouth, kissing her deeper.

Too soon, he pulled away. “So fucking cocky one minute,” he said as he kissed his way from her chin to her ear. His beard tickled and she fought not to squirm. “Then docile and doe-eyed the next.”

Did he say docile? She opened her mouth to protest but teeth grazed her jaw and her eyes rolled back in her head. He slipped his finger under her panties. Sliding through her wetness, he circled her clit.

“Oh god!” she cried, gripping at his back.

“And so responsive,” he rasped. “What I wouldn’t give to tie you up and find out how loud you’d scream for me.”

She choked, tensing against the press of his body, already on the brink. His finger slid into her, and his thumb stroked her clit. If he wasn’t holding her up, she’d have fallen by now. Her head rolled to the side and he took the opportunity to nip at her throat.

“Damn,” someone said from behind Fox. “You found someone to play with already?”


Rated PG-13

When they reached a set of furniture arranged in a circle, Fox made sure to steer her to sit on the couch next to him. Luke took the love seat, and another man strolled up behind Luke then sat in the extra chair.

“Great,” Fox rumbled. “The whole gang is here.”

Ignoring him, Luke gestured toward the newcomer. “This is Atlas.”

She gave him a shaky smile and he nodded.

“Atlas and Fox are brothers,” Luke explained.

SHTmemeThat she could see. They had matching blondish-red hair, though Atlas’s was a little lighter and styled in a neat buzz cut. Atlas was also so heavily muscled she was pretty sure the man should have a warning label. The three were dressed business casual, with their button-down shirtsleeves rolled up. Luke had tattoos creeping up his neck and down his arms, like Fox. But Atlas’s skin was strangely bare—at least as far as she could tell. His demeanor seemed opposite of Luke’s. Instead of a wide smile and expressive eyes, he was stoic and closed off.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Luke asked her.

She looked at Fox but he averted his gaze. “Sure.” She gave Luke a flirty smile. “At least someone likes me.”

“He just wants to get in your pants,” Fox said.

That spot had already been taken. A few minutes ago. By his fingers. She squirmed a little, her clit still throbbing. Could she lure him back to her apartment to fuck him? Something told her he wasn’t the type who could be bossed around.

“Tell your cousin he should let me join your group,” she said to Luke, hoping if she won one of them over, they would convince Fox.

“We don’t let people in that easily.” Atlas cut her with a glare.

Luke shrugged then motioned for the waiter. “She did a good job tailing Fox.”

“I didn’t notice you following me,” Fox said, narrowing his eyes at her. “How did you know I was here?”

She considered lying but then thought it might be good for him to know what she was capable of. Plus, she couldn’t think of an excuse fast enough. “I, uh, put a tracking device on your car the other day.”

Watching her, he pressed his lips together. Then he shook his head and chuckled. “You little shit.”

“I’ll take you out on a job, sweetheart.” Luke winked at her.

Fox growled and slung an arm around her shoulders. Possessive much? She grinned inwardly, liking that he wanted her for himself. Whether it was to get rid of her or tie her up in the basement like he’d mentioned earlier was irrelevant. She’d made him want her. Twice now, he’d kissed her. Could she squeeze herself into his group as easily? They were guarded, which was natural and smart. Honestly, she’d have been suspicious if they’d let her in right away. But all she wanted was a chance. A test, an internship, something to show them she had value.

“She seems capable of looking out for herself,” Luke said.

“I like him.” She looked at Fox but pointed at his cousin. Fox’s eyes darkened, making her shiver. Luke was hot, and sweet to take her side, but it was Fox who could make her melt with a look. The waiter came and the tension dissipated. Luke ordered a beer then looked at her.

“Apple martini, please.”

When the waiter left, Fox sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. “It’s not her I’m worried about.” He looked down at her. “If you fuck up, we go to jail. You think I’m gonna risk that so you can play your little games?”

Fuck you too. “I know all about the risks,” she snapped. “And I would never get in your way or get you caught.” And the next time he called what she did “little games” she was going to deck him.

“You already are in the way.”

“Then take me with you. At least you’ll know where I am.”

He arched a brow. “If I lock you in my basement, I’ll know where you are too.”

“You had that chance and didn’t run with it.”

His eyes widened with a hint of surprise. He knew she was an adrenaline junkie. Why should he be shocked she’d be into kink?

“Sassy thing,” he murmured.

Atlas cleared his throat. “Take her to bed if you want, but it’s too soon to trust her with anything else.”

Her body agreed with the bed part, but she kept her head fully in charge. Sort of. Her girly bits still wanted to rub up against him. Though ultimately, if she wanted to be a business partner, would she be losing anything to be his bed partner first? Fuck no. He was hot and had already almost gotten her off twice, which was more than some of her exes could say. And she was all for the tying up and screaming thing he’d mentioned earlier. Her body was screaming for him right now.

“You said she seemed to know what she was doing,” Luke chimed in. “Maybe some fresh blood would be good for us. Not as a partner—just as a temporary . . . friend. I say we give her a chance. Show her some shit, take her on a few jobs. Let her prove herself.”

Grinning up at Fox, she waited for an answer, happy to have an ally.

He glared at his cousin. “No.” His tone suggested he wouldn’t tolerate arguing. Would Luke stand up to him or did Fox really call the shots? She got the feeling it was the latter.

Sighing, Luke leaned back. “Whatever you say. But I don’t get the feeling she’s going to give up.”

“Nope.” He didn’t know the half of it. Still smiling, she looked at Fox. “Like I said before, I never give up.”

His eyes narrowed. “We’ll see if you can keep up without that tracking device.”

She chuckled darkly. “I bet you can’t find it.”

SHTmeme4“I’ll take that bet.” His grin was menacing. “What do I get if I do?”

Interesting idea. She thought for a moment before answering, “One night in your basement.”

He laughed. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” After a short pause, he added, “All right. I can’t say no to one night with a beautiful woman even if she is a pain in the ass. What if I don’t find it?”

“Hmm. Maybe I should tie you up.”

“Uh-uh.” He shook his head. “I don’t play that way, sweetheart. Ever.”

Inhaling a steady breath, she tried again. “Okay. Then you take me out on a job.”

Luke laughed and even Atlas chuckled. But Fox stayed silent. Was it that hard of a bet to take?

“Come on,” Luke said. “If you’re not interested, I’ll take her bet. I’ve already thought of several things I’d like to do with her when I win.”

Fox shot him a look that should have killed him on the spot, but Luke only smiled back in challenge.

Hot guys fighting over her? This shit never happened.

She gave Fox a cheeky grin. “You scared you won’t find it?”

Grumbling, he let his head fall back to rest against the back of the couch.

“Take the bet so you can fuck her and be done with this,” Atlas said.

“Fine,” he finally answered. “You have a deal.”

She stuck out her hand and they shook. Keeping her in his grasp, he pulled her close. “I hope you know what you’re getting into, little girl,” he whispered.

Inside, she smiled at what he didn’t know. Either way the bet ended, she won.

Tour Titles My Review

Stealing His Thunder (Masters of Adrenaline, #1)Stealing His Thunder by Sparrow Beckett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new series by the awesome duo of Sparrow Beckett. I really enjoyed this story. A little different with the hero’s profession but not bad. Addison and Fox have that connection right from the beginning but they do come from a bit different worlds. A bit of drama and some heart stopping moments added to the all over great story.

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