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Serena Akeroyd

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Secrets & Lies

Thanks for having me here, Trish!

Secrets & Lies… let’s face it, the world revolves around them, and this short story, well, unfortunately for our heroine, it’s filled with both.

The minute Lori King mentioned this box set and the idea of each writer exploring a kink, I was hooked. I love BDSM novels myself; I love the mentality, the psychology behind the D/s world. I often say that I think the BDSM lifestyle is the one true way to have a happily ever after in our ultra-modern society.

What else is a good Dom if not the modern Prince Charming? 🙂 At least, that’s how I see it, anyway. 😉 I always did heart Disney too much. Lol.

Getting together with such an awesome bunch of authors to create an anthology that explores a wide array of kinks is the best part of being a writer nowadays. We merge together, bringing our own fans with us, and helping those fans discover new authors who will brighten their days…and hopefully, nights! 😉

What a project, and I hope when you get your copy, you enjoy my story, as well as my author pals’ too!

Tour Titles Blurb

Meg’s love life was missing a spark until she discovered her need to be dominated. When her fiancé shared the same kink, she thought all her birthdays had come at once, and then she came to learn their relationship was one big fat lie.

dirty doms adGabe has loved Meg for years, watching her from afar, and always wishing he’d been the one to date her first and not his brother. When he has the chance to have Meg in his bed—even better, tied to it—it’s an opportunity he can’t refuse.

With disastrous consequences.

Can Gabe make Meg realize she’s the one woman he’s always wanted? But once secrets and lies have wormed their way into a relationship, is it impossible to establish the firm base of trust needed between lovers, and more importantly, between sub and Sir…?

This story features orgasm control in a BDSM setting.


Tour Titles Excerpt

“You didn’t realize? Meg, what part of this am I not making clear? I can’t say it enough…you’ve no idea how badly I want you. How much I want to make you mine. But I have different priorities than those of my cock.

“Look, what I did to you was out of line. I broke your trust, and as a Dom, that’s a sin that deserves fucking corporal punishment in itself. I did that to you. How am I supposed to expect you to submit to me with that still floating in your head?

“You have to learn to trust me again. If you don’t, then that side of our relationship will never revert to how it was. In fact, screw revert. It will never get better. Never realize its true potential.”

She blinked at him, then slowly, nodded. “That makes sense.”

“Good. In future, don’t get upset about stuff like this. Just talk to me about it. I won’t bite. And don’t presume to know how a Dom works…because you’ll never get it right.”

Another slow blink. “What if I didn’t want you to dominate me today? What if I just wanted you to make love to me? Is that not…” She licked her lips, her head bowing with discomfort at the topic in hand. “Can’t we do that? Is that not how it works?”

This time, he reached for her. Putting his hand behind her neck, he dragged her against him and held her close. So close, he could feel the ripeness of her tits as they pressed against his torso, the nipples digging into his pecs through her thin vest and his tee.

He ate at her mouth, taking control of the kiss, needing her to know how he felt. He poured his every emotion into that embrace, branded her with the knowledge that she was his. He fucked her mouth then when she mewled, he made love to it.

And as his cock started to pound out a message of its own, the weird odor floating in the air disappeared. All he could smell was the perfume she wore, the soap she’d used in the shower that morning, and the natural essence of woman.

His woman.

Tour Titles Bio

ABOUT Serena Akeroyd

Serena Akeroyd is a romanceaholic. She won’t touch a book unless she knows there’s a happy ever after at the end of it. Pathetic as it may be, because of this addiction, Serena decided to craft her own tales, stories that suit her voracious need for sexy romance. After all, a love story ain’t a lurve story without a bit of naughty! logo

A citizen of the world, Serena is a nomad at heart, and her novels enable her to travel the globe and all behind her computer desk. Naturally, she’d prefer the option of a private jet, but still, if wishes were horses, eh?

Always feel free to connect with Serena, she’d love to chat with her readers, as well as fellow romance addicts!

Tour Titles Social Media Links

Website: www.serenaakeroyd.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SerenaAkeroyd

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SerenaAkeroyd

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Serena-Akeroyd/e/B00EC76REA

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