Release Day Rhymes With Orange by Tymber Dalton


Rhymes With Orange (Suncoast Society 35, MMMF, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton.

Tour Titles BlurbFollowing a career-ending accident, Danielle needs a fresh start. Despite crippling anxiety and OCD, she’s determined to rebuild her life and isn’t looking for a new relationship. Or a new Dom.

Coop being Hunter’s Master is a little unconventional. Hunter is gay…and has a boyfriend, Todd. And Coop is straight. They’re friends first, but BDSM helps Hunter keep his anxiety at bay. Since Hunter’s deep in the closet with his family, he can only be his authentic self around Todd and Coop.

When Coop’s relationship with Hunter—and Todd—gets more complicated, he rolls with it. Then Coop meets Danielle. Suddenly, Coop has to play Todd’s boyfriend for Hunter’s family. If Dani can’t pull off the role of a lifetime pretending to be Hunter’s fiancée, it could mean disaster for him. Unfortunately, Dani’s health takes a dive. When Hunter steps in and steps up, will the two successfully go from being co-owned pets to far more than either ever expected?
Tour Titles Excerpt

Coop knew how to keep Hunter guessing, draw out the anticipation. The pizza arrived, interrupting the foot rub Hunter was giving Todd. Coop answered the door and carried the boxes into the kitchen, leaving Hunter on his hands and knees on the living room floor when Todd followed Coop into the kitchen.

After fixing his own plate, Coop put a couple of pieces on another plate, grabbed a handful of napkins, and carried them out to the coffee table.

“Stay,” Coop firmly ordered Hunter, who’d looked up at his return.

Rhymes with Orange 2Hunter dropped back down into his crouch.

Coop poured himself a glass of iced tea, and a glass of ice water with a straw for Hunter.

Todd was still fixing his plate and drink.

“Mind if I step things up with Hunter tonight?” Coop softly asked him.

Todd’s brow furrowed. “I don’t understand.”

“You guys said at the start you were open to anything sexual happening if I wanted to go there. Does that still stand?”

A slow smile engulfed Todd’s face. “Oooh. Uh, yeah.”

“Easy,” Coop cautioned, flattered but not ready to go that far yet. “I just want to know where the boundaries are, if there are any.”

“Our hard limits are still the same,” Todd said. “Sexy play and outright sex have been and still are on the table.”

“Okay.” Coop headed back out to the living room with the drinks.

Once he settled himself on the sofa, he laid one of the napkins on his thigh, over his jeans, spread his legs, and patted his thigh. “Pup.”

Hunter sat up, moved between Coop’s legs, and rested his chin on the napkin. This would be logistically a little easier in shorts, and Coop wouldn’t have to worry about sauce on his jeans, but that would mean changing clothes.

And he wanted his boots on for now because he knew Hunter loved them.

He also had plans.Rhymes with Orange

Coop ate his first piece of pizza while Hunter watched him, his eyes as big and round as any dog’s might be. Only then did Coop take one of the pieces for Hunter and start feeding it to him, holding it, stroking the top of Hunter’s head with his other hand, when he wasn’t giving him sips of water.

No, Coop wasn’t quite ready to walk all the way on the bi side tonight, but there was nothing wrong with testing the waters. He didn’t glance over at Todd, whose gaze he felt practically burning a hole into the side of his head from eager anticipation.

When Hunter finished his first piece of pizza, Coop did something he hadn’t done before—he pushed his index finger into Hunter’s mouth.

“Lick my hand clean, pup.”

Hunter’s eyes fell closed, a soft moan escaping him and vibrating around Coop’s finger as his skilled mouth and tongue eagerly laved Coop’s finger.


Yeah, that hardened his cock. He was a guy. Plenty of times he’d had a woman lick his fingers like that, which usually led to a blowjob.

He couldn’t help it that he’d conditioned himself.

After Hunter had spent time with each finger, Coop dried his hand on a napkin and tried not to focus on his painfully aching cock that struggled to break free from his jeans.

“Good boy,” he said, stroking Hunter’s hair with his other hand. He picked up his next piece of pizza and ate it while Hunter patiently waited.

Coop wasn’t sure that Todd had even eaten during that show. He’d appeared almost frozen, a slice of pizza in his hand held halfway up to his mouth.

Not wanting to lose his nerve, Coop focused on the TV. Hellboy was now playing.

After he finished that slice, he once again had Hunter lick his fingers clean before he fed Hunter his next slice.

Rhymes with Orange 3And so it went for another twenty minutes.

He could see Hunter’s cock bobbing between the man’s legs, hard, a thin string of pre-cum leaking onto the floor under him. When they were both finished eating, Coop grabbed Hunter by the hair, made him scoot back, and eased his face down to the puddle.

“You know the rule, pup. Clean it up.”

He didn’t release Hunter’s hair as the man eagerly licked it up, his ass wiggling in the air.

“I think I have a horny pup. Are you a horny pup?”

Hunter shook his ass even more. Coop hadn’t put the butt plug tail in him today that he sometimes had Hunter wear.

“Such a good boy. While you’re down there, I think there’s a pair of boots that need licking.”

Coop felt Hunter’s soft moan even through the leather as he moved to do it. Coop never made him lick the soles, just the tops. After several minutes of that, he released Hunter’s hair and sat back.

“Go ahead and take my boots off, pup. Give me a foot rub.”

He felt Hunter’s hands eagerly trembling as the man fulfilled the order. Next to them, Coop was aware Todd now had a hand on his crotch and was squeezing his bulge.

Yeah, this was going to get sexy fast.

Coop unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall open along his stomach. Then he watched Hunter massaged his bare feet.

Damn, it felt good. And when Hunter’s lips closed around his toes, he thought he might cream his briefs right there.

“Good boy,” Coop hoarsely said.   2e21b-goodreads


Rhymes With Orange by Tymber Dalton from Sunshine Reads on Vimeo.

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