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Storytelling and writing has been with me since I was a little kid and my parents read me bedtime stories. My dad loved Rudyard Kipling’s The Just-So Stories and he read them to me quite faithfully for many nights. And after he closed the book and kissed me good night, my mind would tell me my own tales to put me to sleep. I was always the hero saving the prince, or soldier or motorcycle rider (ever seen Grease 2?).

I didn’t really start writing tales down until I was about ten years old, but I like to say I’ve been saving heroes in distress since 1982. Because most people will tell you a lifestyle cannot be made on writing, I did the usual things of junior high, high school, college and graduate school. But the stories stayed with me, biding their time, until I got married, got pregnant, and graduated, in that order, lol.

With the pregnancy came the question of what I’d do for work. The stories screamed to be written and this was at the time when small epublishers were really taking off. So I said I wanted to write and Mr. SM made me a deal. He said if I could get published by the time the kid started school, we’d make a go of this published author thing. Fortunately, I got pregnant again and it gave me a little more time. I beat the deadline by eight months. 😉

I started writing paranormal romance because the idea that sci-fi and fantasy could be written as a romance really appealed to my love of magic and mythical creatures. But then I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Each year, Cheyenne hosts The Daddy of ‘Em All, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. They’ve been doing it for 120 years this year. They host pancake breakfasts at the Depot Plaza four times during the ten days of CFD as a practice for emergency preparedness. The idea is they can feed the city should the infrastructure break down. The pancakes are good, so is the ham and milk (if you want them).

Last year, during one of these pancake breakfasts I noticed a young cowboy, no more than thirty years old, saunter past me and suddenly I had a storyline. About a broken bronc-riding cowboy, champion, who falls in love with an older massage therapist who can take care of his body. At the time, I didn’t have names or conflicts or anything more than that. But I knew I’d write it. And Rope A Falling Star was born.

In the months (okay, year) since, I found out Tom Colton was the champion, but done with rodeo, Trip Colton was his dad and co-owner of the Triple Star Ranch, a therapy ranch for folks suffering from PTSD, and Amber Hillcrest was the older massage therapist who thinks of herself as too broken for a younger cowboy because she has PTSD herself.

Even better, I got the inspiration for a second story, Star Bright, with Trip Colton and his younger lover, Henry Bright, a retired country star who just didn’t like the music business culture, and came home to Wyoming to reconnect to people who really care. He’s gay, and out, but he’s suspicious of bisexuals, and it turns out, Trip happens to be interested in both men and women. Who knew? 😀 Should be another good tale.

The best part is I’m writing this series connected to another series. Mine is called the Triple Star Ranch series, but there’s a companion series called the Fantasy Ranch series written by Hennessee Andrews. She writes about the Triple Star’s neighbors and the stories are connected, though if you read one, you don’t have to read the others to get the full story. Each book will build off the others, but you can read them as stand alones of you choose.

What I’m working on next would be Trip’s story for the Triple Star Ranch, Deli’s story for the Bad Boys of Beta Squad, Moira’s story in Cloudburst Colorado, and a secret firefighter project due in October (can’t talk about it yet). Yes, a lot going on, but I never get writer’s block!

That’s it for me. Thanks so much for having me today, Trish.


Current Stand-Alone tales from Siobhan Muir

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Bad Boys of Beta Squad series

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515gA4dR4iL._OU01_AC_UL320_SR214,320_Bam-Bam’s Inked Hart

Deli’s Take Out (Coming soon)

Rifts series

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51tYiO9nbyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Centaur’s Solstice Wish

In Death’s Shadow (Coming soon)

Cloudburst Colorado series

A Hell Hound’s Fire
8078348The Beltane Witch
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Cloudburst Coffee & Spa (Coming soon)

The Ivory Road Serial

A Walk in the Sand
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A Dance Between Worlds (Coming soon)

Warbler Peninsula series

8639241Order of the Dragon

The Valkyrie’s Sword (Coming August 9 2016)

Triple Star Ranch series

ropeafallingstar600Rope a Falling Star (Coming July 12 2016)

Star Bright (Coming soon)



Tour Titles New Releaseropeafallingstar600Rope a Falling Star (Triple Star Ranch #1)
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Cowboy Romance
Word Count: 58,346
ISBN:Release Date: July 12, 2016

Tour Titles Blurb

Only the best stars fall…

Three time bronc-riding champion Tom Colton’s dream of a fourth title ends when he draws Wooden Nickel, a mean little bronc with more twists than a maze. With his heart no longer in rodeo, he figures it’s time to go home to the Triple Star Ranch, the PTSD therapy ranch he and his dad founded to help others with trauma in their pasts. Tom just wants a little time to nurse his hurts and consider his next move.

Amber Hillcrest started out as a Triple Star client and stayed on as a massage therapist. Her dog Nimbus keeps her PTSD in check, but her heart remains bruised. She knows she’s too old and too broken for love, especially with the son of her boss, but he’s hot enough to fill her fantasies for years to come.

Amber tries to keep it professional between them, but Tom proves too irresistible with his big heart and charm. But someone is sabotaging the Triple Star and the neighboring Fantasy Ranch, and an ex-girlfriend keeps coming around, trying to reconnect with Tom. Tom’s hands are full of problems instead of the luscious massage therapist. But when Amber gets kidnapped, Tom will move heaven and earth to get her back and tell her how he truly feels.

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Tour Titles Bio

Tir Dye SiobhanSiobhan Muir lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he’s never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for good.

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories.


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Powerful sniper with the rifle is thinking about war

Powerful sniper with the rifle is thinking about war

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