Beware Of Falling Ice

Great book. Great series. Great author.

Knotty Girls Book Reviews

Falling ice

It’s that time my Knotty friends, time to head back to our favorite BDSM club Venture and hang with Tony, Shayla, Tilly and her guys, and meet some new friends as well. This is number 36 in the Suncoast Society series, and thank everything that is holy, unholy, wiccan, you name your religion, that the series is still going strong.

For me, this series is like a warm, comfortable blanket…with a healthy dose of good ole kink thrown in. It’s my series I go to when I’m not feeling good and I want something to read to make me feel better. The Suncoast/Venture characters feel like family.

That being said, let’s talk about our new family members, Andrew and Rachael. They are friends and play partners. (You know that’s not stopping Tilly, right?) Andrew is happy with this arrangement because he’s just getting over a relationship with a nutjob. And…

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