Enchant Me by Red Phoenix


smiling-red-profile-pic-with-borderUSA Today Bestselling Author Red Phoenix, USA Today Bestselling author, has received numerous awards for her original romances. When she’s not writing, you can find her online interacting with fans. 
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Romance meets wicked fun

After the wedding of the century, Brie is whisked off to begin her honeymoon. She falls madly in love with the romance of the city, enjoying the delights of its secret BDSM society. Brie is then transported to the wickedness of the isle, where Master will play out his own private fantasies…rytsar-quote-for-enchant-me-teaser

But Fate is a cruel mistress the two must fight. Will they survive the approaching Darkness that seeks to destroy them? 

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“Téa, stand for me,” Sir commanded in a gruff voice.

Brie stood and faced him, her whole body trembling with pent-up desire.

Sir grazed his hand over her bare shoulder, trailing his fingers down her arm. “I was entertained watching the interaction between you two.” He leaned down and growled in her ear. “When I say entertained, I mean incredibly turned on.”

She looked down and saw the outline of his rigid shaft under the dark material of his pants. It was extremely gratifying.

“Watching you reminded me of our nights when you would pose for me. Hours of erotic enjoyment…” He took her in his arms and kissed her hard, releasing the torrent of built-up tension observing her had caused.

enchant-me-quoted-pic-5Whereas Dante had been gentle and hesitant, Sir was demanding and rough with his kiss, bruising her lips as he plundered her mouth with his tongue.

She moaned in excitement, responding to his need, longing to release her own pent-up desire. When he pulled at her dress, she wondered if he would take her on the couch right then and there, forsaking the rules of the gathering.

Brie desperately hoped so!

She was greedy for his shaft and would do anything to feel it inside her. After those many months of forced abstinence, she was insatiable for the man and doubted she would ever get enough of him.

Sir let her dress fall to the floor. Brie stepped out of it and was rewarded with another passionate kiss as he pushed her with his body onto the couch, crushed in his embrace.

It was a natural response for Brie to spread her legs to him, but Sir refused to take advantage of her open invitation. Instead, he stood back up and removed his jacket, shirt and tie. Brie openly admired his handsome form, licking her lips in anticipation and lust.

Sir unbuckled his belt next, slowly pulling it through the loops and laying it beside Brie to tantalize her further before sitting back down next to her. Sir grasped the back of her neck, kissing her hungrily, drinking in the scent of her as he devoured her with his touch.

enchant-me-quoted-pic“Please…” she begged.

Sir put his hand on her throat, pressing firmly. His lips pressed against hers as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. The hold was so dominant and the kiss so possessive, after a night of teasing, that she orgasmed.

He broke the kiss, releasing his hold on her. “Did you just come, téa?”


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