Darling Discovered: A True Story of Submission by Mrs. Darling

Darling Discovered: A True Story of Submission by Mrs. Darling



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bio-picMrs. Darling is a whimsical woman living in a Modern Day 1950’s M/s Household. She and her husband run a traditional household together and practice full time power exchange in their marriage. In addition to hobbies like cooking and baking, crafting and sewing, and all things home related, Mrs. Darling writes non-fiction about BDSM and her life lived as a submissive. She is active in her local kink community and enjoys volunteerism.




After her seemingly perfect world came crashing down Chloe Donnovan was faced with a crisis of identity. In a bold attempt to start life over in a more authentic way, she confessed her darkest secret, a desire to submit to her husband Leo. The two set off on a year of information, exploration, and sexual experimentation that will either breathe new life into the relationship or lead to their final demise.

bookcoverDarling Discovered: A True Story of Submission explores issues of trust, self-acceptance, and healing, set amongst the sandy beaches of Florida in an emotional and pleasurable read.

It is human nature to want to protect your truest self from the outside world. This is one woman’s true story of deciding to share herself despite those fears.

Tour Titles Excerpt

6Ah, the lust. I fell in lust as hard as I fell in love. When we first met, Leo intimidated me with his eyes that read through my facade, his certain demeanor, his confidence in life. Leo was a man so sure of himself so young. His certainty of self followed him in the bedroom.
I felt a passion with him that seemed as natural as breathing. My body yielded under his every touch. I often felt under a spell. Even at first. It increased in intensity with every passing day.

I guess the reason I decide to give Leo a year to make things right is quite simple to explain: some relationships are worth fighting to save.


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Website: https://darlingdiscovered.com/

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eoDxsRXoJs

Submissive Guide: http://www.submissiveguide.com/author/mrsdarling/

Blog: https://mrsdarling.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1950mrsdarling/

Instagram: 1950s_MrsDarling

Twitter: 1950sMrsDarling

Fetlife: MrsDarling

Interested in learning more about the 1950’s Lifestyle? Check out Mrs. Darlings essay on the Modern Day 1950’s M/s Household in Raven Kaldera’s Paradigms of Power: https://www.amazon.com/Paradigms-Power-Styles-Master-Relationships-ebook/dp/B00PG5DZL0



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