Release Day Ask DNA by Tymber Dalton

Ask DNA by Tymber Dalton

ask-1After nothing but bad luck, Melanie’s ready to give up on love. She puts herself in her friends’ hands and goes with them to a shibari class at Venture. Seems her luck changes when she meets Kirby and his fraternal twin brother, Davis.
Kirby and Davis are immediately smitten. While fully independent, Davis falls on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Even better, Kirby realizes Melanie seems to understand Davis in a way few people ever have. Davis knows he’s not the easiest person to live with, but Melanie soothes his mind like no one else. He’s willing to do anything to make this work.
As the three of them settle into their dynamic, Melanie can’t believe she’s got not one, but two sexy Doms of her dreams. But when a jealous ex and a deeply buried family secret both explode at the same time, will it jeopardize the happiness that finally seems within their grasp?



(NOTE: We first met Kim, Mason, Cole – and Mel, briefly – in Liability.)

Mel had waffled all Saturday morning on whether or not to go to the rope class. When Kim called her to ask if she was still going, Mel found herself saying yes. Kim offered to let her come to their place and ride with them, which would help insure she didn’t do something really fucking stupid, like leave with a guy she’d just met.

Mel’s thoughts, not something Kim said in so many words.

Although Mel wouldn’t blame her for thinking exactly that.

Track record, yo.

Ask DNA by Tymber Dalton from Sunshine Reads on Vimeo.

Instead of going dressed to participate, she opted to take clothes to change into, a sports bra and pair of long spandex shorts she sometimes wore to work out. Usually with a long T-shirt over them, but in this case, it’d give her some covering without being bulky and in the way.

That way, she wasn’t committed to doing anything. If she got creeped out she wouldn’t feel guilty about saying no. She’d say sorry, she wasn’t dressed for it, and had only come to watch.

It’d been Kim’s suggestion. Mel was beyond trying to figure this shit out on her own. Obviously, Kim had her life together in a way Mel didn’t.

ask-3Time to own it, admit it, and try something different. Something new.

Someone else’s ideas instead of her own.

When she arrived, Kim opened the door and greeted her with a hug. “I’m glad you didn’t chicken out.”

“I kinda did. And then didn’t. Several times.”

“That’s normal, don’t worry. Come on in. Mel’s here,” she called out.

Cole and Mason weren’t in the living room when they walked in. “They’re getting ready,” Kim told her. “They’ll be out in a minute.”

“Okay, can I go ahead and ask something really rude and personal now and get it out of the way, because I’ve been dying to know.”

Kim smiled. “Yes, they sleep with each other and with me.”

That had been her question. “But I thought Cole was straight?”

“It’s complicated. He’s bi. He’d always considered himself bi, even though he’d never admitted it to anyone before and everyone assumed he was straight. He’s not involved with anyone except me and Mason.”

“But Mason’s gay?”

“Homoflexible where I’m concerned, but yes, he considers himself gay.”

Melanie was having a hard time keeping up. “What does that even mean? What’s the difference? How can he be gay and be involved with you?”

“There is no practical difference, because even though he’s my Master, I’d kill him if he cheated on us. But in theory, while he’d been with women years ago, and obviously now me, he’s not attracted to other women sexually. What we have started out as a play relationship. We bonded in other ways before we took it to a sexual level. It wasn’t a case of I had a magic pussy and flipped some invisible bi switch in him. Some people might argue that he’s bisexual, but that’s not the label he puts on himself. Before we got involved, he dated men exclusively.”

“You’d kill me, huh, pet?” Mason drawled from the hallway.ask-4

Kim lifted her chin and sweetly smiled. “I’d gut you like a fish, Master.”

Cole had walked up behind him. “Ooh, I’d listen to her, dude. I’ve seen her filet fish. She’s good at it.”

“That goes for you, too,” Kim added.

Cole snorted. “Yeah, well, notice I’m not exactly shoving either one of you into playing with others. I’m kind of territorial like that myself.”

“And I have my hands full with both of you,” Mason said, smiling.

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