Ridin’ Nerdy Cover Reveal

Ridin’ Nerdy Cover Reveal

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Ridin’ Nerdy

Ridin' Nerdy eCover
As the daughter of a MC President, Leah “Pebbles” Slate, has seen the less glamorous side of life in the club. After being hurt, she’s not looking for love on the inside; but she’s not expecting to find it with the nerd at her father’s gym either. He’s everything she never knew she wanted and nothing like what she expected.

Ridin' Nerdy Will Teaser(2)Will Carver isn’t just another nerdy lawyer and comic book collector. The glasses and the suits hide the man underneath – the man that’s on a mission to hurt the one who hurt his family. What he wasn’t expecting was Leah. She’s everything he wants but shouldn’t have. He knows there’s no future for them, but the temptation is too strong and there’s only so much a man can take.

Lies will be revealed and the truth will set him free, but will it be too late? Will Leah forgive him and take a long ride on the nerdy side?

#RidinNerdy #May27 #PantiesArePointless #LeahAndWill #AnneliseReynolds #Kindle #KindleUnlimited
Boxing woman binds the bandage on his hand, before training, detail photoRidin' Nerdy(1)

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