Weekly Author Spotlight-Laurie Olerich

Call the Lightning by Laurie Olerich
(Primani Series Book Two)

Call the Lightning 2015 Cover (1)

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tour Titles Blurb

A woman with stunning powers.  A soldier hiding devastating secrets. Humanity’s best hope.

A year after the disastrous raid left the immortal special ops team devastated, psychic Mica Thomas is driven to get control of her unwanted powers before someone else gets hurt. When tall, dark, and deadly Killian takes over her training, the strangely intimate connection between them grows into an undeniable bond that leaves her confused and breathless. Determined to earn her place on the team, she’s unaware of the eyes watching her every move, but as the body count grows, she can’t ignore the terrifying truth. With new dangers coming from every direction, she has to trust the Primani to survive. But as the clock ticks down, it’s harder to tell the truth from the lies, and the lies from the secrets.

CTL teaser May 2017Primani Killian Leahy answers only to the archangel Raphael. Brilliant and extraordinarily powerful, his focus is keeping his team alive to battle the demons who threaten humanity. Evil doesn’t take a vacation and their enemy, Dagin, is upping the ante in Manhattan. It’s all hands on deck-including Mica. Since Sean’s been MIA, it’s up to Killian to keep her safe while her powers grow. His protection takes a dangerous turn when Mica becomes a pawn in the game. Desperate to save her, he reveals his private world of ancient magic and bloody altars. His intentions were honorable, but his blood awakens a destiny he thought long dead.

In this second book of the Primani Series, the Primani are bombarded by shadowy enemies who threaten to tear the team apart. As they battle their personal demons, a terrifying fate is hatching in the tunnels underneath their feet.

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Tour Titles Bio

Laurie Olerich is the author of the Primani and Demons After Dark series. Part romance, part paranormal, part adventure…Three things she can’t live without! Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian muse, Rambo. In an attempt to re-live her wild and crazy younger years, she lives vicariously through her characters by setting their adventures in her favorite city, New York, and the mountain forests of New England as often as possible. Before diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys…this explains her obsession with both.

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Tour Titles Excerpt

“I’m not going to remember any of this, am I?”

“It probably wouldn’t be helpful if you did.” He caressed my face with his as if memorizing every curve. I felt his eyelashes flutter against my cheekbone and my breath caught with a rush of love for him.

“Killian, I–”

He smiled a bit sadly and pressed a finger to my lips. “Shh. Do you think you should? Say it out loud, I mean.”

Serious now, I pulled his face back down and kissed him as if I’d never see him again. If I wasn’t going to remember this night, I wanted to make sure that he did. Later, when we lay face to face and our hearts raced out of control, the tears that slid down my cheeks were tears of sadness for what would never be.CTL meme NYC

Kissing the tears off of my cheeks, he whispered, “Baby, don’t cry for me.” He kissed my bruised lips with some force then. He ran a fingertip over the rune on my chest. “You’re never far away from me.”

The altar was still smoking with the remains of the fire. While I watched, Killian opened a small brown satchel and placed several items from the tiny storage box under the altar. He was bringing out the instruments he used for the ancient ceremonies. This place didn’t feel secure anymore, and he didn’t want to risk anything else getting stolen. I recognized the ruby-handled knife, but he also added the bronze cup and a couple of other knives and a small leather-bound book. It had been hidden apart from the other items. With a last look around, he declared it was time to go. We stepped outside the ruin and he stopped me with a hand on my arm.

“One last thing before we go.” He started to say something else and I interrupted him.

“Killian, please, don’t do this! I want these memories. I feel like this will be all I have left someday. I need to remember you…here…when you’re gone.”

His expression was sympathetic, but he refused to listen to my argument. “It’s for the best. Trust me.”


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