Monthly Author Spotlight-Eden Bradley

Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley

Book TWO in Eden’s San Francisco Doms Series!

18159414_10155275591957460_1667193386_oAnother scintillating BDSM romance from the author of SANCTUARY and THE DARK GARDEN

When power play becomes more than just a game…

 BDSM. Submission. Spanking…These are the things Skye has always craved, the desires she has never allowed herself to explore. Until now. She thought she was looking for a single experience, something to purge these strange yearnings from her system. Instead she finds a man whose absolute authority and stunning good looks leave her breathless, willing to do anything he asks of her. But only for one night…


Adam has other ideas. Skye could be the perfect submissive once he’s done training her—for someone else. For him, that’s always the way it’s been. But Skye is different. Enticing. Intoxicating. Irresistible. Soon all he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.


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She sat down, her stomach fluttering. She was unsure as to what to do with her hands, and fisted them at her sides, finally. Her stomach gave a sharp jump when he sat beside her.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” he said quietly. “But I don’t mind if you are.”

Another smile, this one definitely wicked. She averted her gaze. But he immediately cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look into that dark blue gaze.

His tone was more commanding this time. “Don’t hide your eyes from me again.” He was quiet a moment, allowing her to absorb his words. “The eyes really are the windows to the soul. And I need to know you on the inside if this is going to work. Understood?”

“Yes. I just…something is happening to me already.” She shook her head helplessly, hating to admit it.

“I can see that. And trust me, it’s good. You’re responding to the mere idea of what we’re about to do. I can only imagine how you’ll respond once we begin. Do you have any questions?”

“I…don’t know.”

“Let me ask you, then—do you still feel the same about all the answers on the questionnaire?”

“Yes.” She bit her lip. “Yes.”

One corner of his mouth quirked, but she knew he wasn’t laughing at her, that he was simply pleased.

“You remember your safe words?”

She nodded.

“Say it, Skye,” he demanded.

Something new was happening inside her head. It was a sort of soft sinking sensation mixed with an almost unbearable anticipation. She answered right away, “I know my safe words. I understand that I am to use them if it feels like I should. Yellow for slow down or to check in, red to stop the scene.”

“Very good. I’ll consider this the final moment of our negotiations for the time being, until we need to renegotiate as your boundaries change and expand. I’ll ask you once more, do you have any questions for me?”

“When do we begin? Is it now?”

That devastating smile again. “Yes.”

He stood, offered her his hand. She took it, letting him guide her to her feet.

A small wave of panic hit her, her pulse fluttering. “Where are we going?”

He turned to her and she realized she’d never been this close to him before. He seemed even taller, standing right next to her. He smelled like pure male. Just clean skin and a hint of earthy musk. Sexy as hell.

“Shh, no more questions now. No speaking unless I ask you to, unless it’s to use your safe words.” He cupped her face in his palm, making her legs go weak with desire, and something else—that sensation she couldn’t seem to put a name to. “You are in my hands now, Skye. No more worries, no concerns, no control here. I will do it all. For you. Just let it go. That’s why you’re here.”

“I…I’m not sure if I can.”

“You can. And you will. For me.”

She nodded, unable to speak. Yes. For him. She wanted nothing else at this moment. What was happening to her? She couldn’t think clearly enough to figure it out.

When he quietly ordered her to undress the breath went right out of her.


His voice was low but certain. “No more talking, Skye. You will obey me while we’re in scene, and it’s starting right now. I told you to take your clothes off.”

Tears threatened. She bit her lip and held them back. This was how it all began, wasn’t it? And it was exactly what she wanted. But she couldn’t move.

She was shaking her head again, unable to speak as he pulled her in hard, right up against him, so that their bodies were flesh against bone. Lovely and a little threatening all at the same time. His scent went through her like a small storm of sensation as his big hand gripped her waist. Dizzying. Electrifying.

“Skye, listen to me,” he said, his tone low but firm, more commanding than ever, his breath warm in her hair. “You are going to have to find a way to do as I tell you. To accept that. To yield. As I said before, this is a process. If you can’t give yourself over to the process we can’t do this. But I think you can. I know you can. I see it in you. Cry if you need to. It doesn’t matter, and in fact, I might enjoy it if you do. All that matters is simply doing it. Do you understand what I’m saying? You may respond.”

She nodded, trying to blink the tears away. “It’s too real,” she whispered.

“Too real to deal with?”

“No, just…incredibly, intensely real.”

“Tell me again that you want to be here. If you do.”

“I do, I swear it.” She pulled back and looked up at him, caught his blue gaze. And was struck again by his pure, male beauty. Yes, every cell in her being wanted to be there.

“Stop thinking,” he told her. “Do what your body is asking you to do. You’ve already done the thinking part in working through our negotiations, deciding to come to me. Too much thinking now will only get in the way of what’s happening between us here.”

“I’m trying.”

He swept a strand of hair from her cheek, his fingertips a whisper of skin against skin that made her limbs warm and weak. Yet his arm around her waist, his hand at her hip, was still holding her almost tight enough to hurt. “Tell me what the struggle is about.”

“I…I’m trying to figure it out. It’s hard to think straight. I’m just…it’s hard to give up control. It’s scary no matter how much I want to do this. And some part of me feels…ashamed that I want this. Does that make sense?”

“It’s common for people to feel some shame about wanting these things—to experience pain, to give it. It’s what society puts in our heads, the fear of things that are unfamiliar. That’s part of the psychology involved, this attraction to the taboo.” He smiled slowly. “And for a lot of us, the taboo is the turn-on. Isn’t that true for you?”

She nodded, said quietly, “Yes.” Her cheeks were burning. But he was absolutely right.

“You have to allow it to happen, Skye, or it won’t happen at all. The struggle is fine as long as you can get through it. Take a breath. And let’s try this again. And because of your struggle, I will ask you one final time. Do you want this? Are you ready to begin?”

She nodded once more. “Yes. I’m ready now.”

“Good. Come with me, beautiful girl,” he said, his voice gentle yet still full of authority. “I’ll help you.”

Beautiful girl.

Wonderful that he would say that to her. The words made her shiver.

The fact that he gave the tender skin at her waist a hard pinch before he let her go made her a little limp all over, made her wet.

She swallowed.

Oh yes, this is really it.

© Eden Bradley 2013

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SANCTUARY by Eden Bradley

Re-edited and re-released-Book One in Eden’s San Francisco Doms series is out now!


She trusts him with her body…but can he trust himself with her heart?

 Devin Delaney has never described herself as kinky, despite a rich fantasy life filled with submission scenarios—until her best friend takes her to the Ring, a San Francisco BDSM club, and her senses hum with awakened urges.

One pro Dom in particular works scenes that leave her breathless, and when he unexpectedly invites her on a journey to the darker side of sex—right then, right there—she sinks readily into the sting of addictive desire.

Shaye’s past makes him wary of getting involved with any woman, but when Devin willingly gives herself over to him, something inside him opens up. And he finds himself breaking his own rules to keep her in his arms all night.

When Shaye takes Devin to an exclusive club named Sanctuary, leading her deeper into the BDSM world, Devin’s kinkiest fantasies—and emotions—shift into overdrive. The experience brings them both to the edge of an inner darkness that could seal their bond—or permanently tear it apart.



18120581_10155275593152460_1204407707_oMiranda lives in paradise— the exclusive Eden resort, the ultimate in fantasy retreats.
Roan, the resort’s dungeon consultant, lives part-time on the island and full-time in the past.

When the sexy Dominant and the sultry pastry chef both receive one of the island’s mysterious invitations they spend a sizzling week together in the dungeon suite. They’re left breathless, wanting more… and hopelessly falling.

Both have been scarred by loss, both have created a nearly impenetrable shell. The intensity and intimacy of kink might be the perfect recipe to open Miranda’s heart again. But can the man who fulfills her every secret desire ever give her what she needs the most? 

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AmazonNew York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley aka Eve Berlin writes erotica and erotic romance for Berkley Heat, Samhain Publishing, Bantam, Harlequin Spice/HQN, and Black Lace, as well as indie publishing. Her work has been called “elegant, intelligent and sensual”. Her debut novel THE DARK GARDEN was praised as “a masterpiece”, and was a Romantic Times Top Pick. More recently, her novella GIRL (Book One in The Training House Series) has repeatedly been called “phenomenal”, and BDSM author Jenna Jacob said “Nothing has touched me like this since ‘Story of O’”. Her novels and novellas have been translated into German, Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Indonesian and Japanese.

As someone who has been involved in BDSM practice for much of her adult life, she relates in particular to her kink stories, infusing them with her own truth about kink practice from her life experiences. Eden speaks regularly on BDSM psychology and practice, as well as sex positive culture for women. She lives in Northern California, and loves art, shoes, tattoos, her Boston Terrier puppy, chocolate, and reading and writing smutty books, of course, not necessarily in that order.


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