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Ridin’ Nerdy Cover Reveal

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Ridin’ Nerdy

Ridin' Nerdy eCover
As the daughter of a MC President, Leah “Pebbles” Slate, has seen the less glamorous side of life in the club. After being hurt, she’s not looking for love on the inside; but she’s not expecting to find it with the nerd at her father’s gym either. He’s everything she never knew she wanted and nothing like what she expected.

Ridin' Nerdy Will Teaser(2)Will Carver isn’t just another nerdy lawyer and comic book collector. The glasses and the suits hide the man underneath – the man that’s on a mission to hurt the one who hurt his family. What he wasn’t expecting was Leah. She’s everything he wants but shouldn’t have. He knows there’s no future for them, but the temptation is too strong and there’s only so much a man can take.

Lies will be revealed and the truth will set him free, but will it be too late? Will Leah forgive him and take a long ride on the nerdy side?

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An Interview with Kallypso Masters

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Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Kallypso Masters, author of the Rescue Me Saga series. And she’s about to launch a new series—Bluegrass Spirits.

Hi Kally, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

SR: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

KM: Thanks for inviting me, Trish! I’ve been writing Romances since high school, but only started publishing in 2011 with MASTERS AT ARMS, NOBODY’S ANGEL, and NOBODY’S HERO, which begin the Rescue Me Saga. I have a degree in journalism but my first love has always been Romance writing. I’m living the dream!

SR: Can you tell us a little about this book you are working on now?
KM: My new series, Bluegrass Spirits, is one close to my heart. These books are set in Kentucky, where I was born and live, and also feature some meddling—I mean, matchmaking—spirits who have goals of their own to accomplish before they can leave the earthly plane behind. The first one’s set in a house familiar to me and my family, and actually has some ghosts of its own. It’s the house featured on the cover (a photo I took myself). JESSE’S HIDEOUT is what the heroine, Tillie Hamilton, named her B&B inn. She’s attracted the ire of her benefactor’s grandson, Greg Buchanan, who shows up ready to debunk her claims that his grandmother haunts her inn.

SR: Where did the idea come from?
KM: The story is set in my dad’s hometown and whenever we passed by the house on the cover, he’d always say, “Jesse James used to hide out there.” That stuck with me for 50 years! I started a story once before in the 1990s, but this is a new effort and so much better. In this one, even Jesse James makes appearances!

SR: What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
KM: Figuring out how far I can go and still be Contemporary Romance, the genre I’m marketing this in. I do have sex in it (I don’t believe a Romance should EVER be closed door!) but it’s late in the story and not anything like the level of the sex scenes in the Rescue Me Saga series, ROAR, or Western Dreams. And, when the hero in this book showed definite dominant tendencies, at first, I thought, “No! This isn’t a BDSM Romance! I want to attract vanilla readers to try my books!” Then I realized you don’t tell a Dom he can’t be a Dom. So I loosened the reins and found myself having a lot of fun showing another Dom who is bedroom only and not into bondage, whips, chains, dungeons—but is still a Dom all the way. Your followers will spot the signs (some readers have seen it as early as a Chapter One excerpt I shared in my newsletter—and others noticed it a bit later). Hopefully, I’ll keep my long-time fans happy being in on this secret—and might even get some who think they’d never read a BDSM novel to venture over to my other series and ROAR.

SR: Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
KM: I couldn’t plot my way out of a paper bag, so I am a pantser all the way (writing by the seat of my pants, basically). I also don’t write linearly. In book two of this series—KATE’S SECRET—I wrote about 38,000 words somewhat linearly, then I skipped to the Epilogue. And now I’m working on the last regular chapter. I’m still going to have to add about 60,000 more words to the middle of the book, but until I know what they are, I’m just dancing around to whatever I’m inspired to write.

SR: How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?
KM: Wow—with every book, I’ve grown as a writer. It’s inevitable. Last year’s release, ROAR, had me going where no Romance author I know of has gone, showing what happens when the love of your life is left in a persistent vegetative state for years. Kristoffer remained true to his wife, but also needed to keep from burying himself away, too. The feedback I received from readers who have been in his shoes has been phenomenal. I’ve always enjoyed writing deeply emotional stories that connect with readers and even help some of them to work through similar situations. God forbid any of us has to face his dilemma, but I was able to find a way to give him a happily ever after that didn’t include the obvious solution. While it’s been kind of a sleeper as far as my Rescue Me Saga, I think more readers will pick it up when I link it to a trilogy I want to write about three familiar characters from the Saga—Mistress Grant, Gunnar Larson, and Patrick Gallagher. They’re featured in ROAR as secondary characters, but eventually will get their Romantic Suspense trilogy.
I’ve also learned ways to improve my craft over the years from my editorial team. As soon as I master one thing, they start finding other things. LOL But I’ve never been one to write to a formula or tell the same story over and over. (Anyone who has read the Rescue Me Saga knows that I don’t even stick to one subgenre within a series! I go where the characters take me and since those characters are linked as a family-by-choice, I chose to put them in the same series. But each book is so different—and kept me from getting bored.) I’ll continue writing in that saga forever, but needed a little break, too.
I am flexing my writing muscles now trying a new subgenre—Contemporary Romance. Diversifying is a must in today’s tight market, and I’m hoping that readers will enjoy the differences as much as I’ve enjoyed writing in the new series.

Now a few fun questions

SR: What’s the naughtiest thing you have done in school?
KM: At 53, I can barely remember being in school! Lol Oh, wait! I remember in sixth grade, I used to sit in the front and Sr. Marita saw me roll my eyes when the boys in the back would cut up. So, thinking I might be a good influence on them, she moved me back there with them. When she caught me doing spitballs with chewed-up paper, I was called into the hall and she said she was SO disappointed in me. LOL I think I straightened up after that to being a good girl again.

SR: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
KM: Astral projection. I played with this in NOBODY’S DREAM with my spiritual Cassie doing this, but I think it would be incredibly cool to be able to project my soul anywhere in Heaven and Earth—to have conversations again with loved ones who have passed, and to see places I can’t necessarily get to myself due to various restrictions.

SR: Tell us something nobody knows about you.
KM: I’m an open book and I think anyone who has followed me for a while or attended Facebook parties I’ve been at will know this, but I met my husband of almost 34 years by answering his Lifemates & Situations ad in The Mother Earth News back in late 1981. (I tease him that he was looking for a lifemate and I, a situation.) We corresponded for six months before we met and, being a writer, it was the best way to get acquainted with someone. I was hardened to romance and love (even at 23), but he won me over and we moved in together for 11 months before we married in 1983. My marriage taught me that happily ever after takes maintenance, and that’s a recurring theme in my Rescue Me Saga.

SR: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
KM: Kathy Bates! I never would have come up with that on my own, but I asked readers and the first two responses were Kathy Bates. One, a friend who knows me personally, said: “I feel like she could capture your strength and sense of humor.” And another, “The sass!” Well, I loved her in Fried Green Tomatoes (Towanda!!!!) and even in Misery as an author’s number one (but totally crazy and sadistic) fan! I think she’d be awesome playing Kally Masters in a movie! LOL

SR: Where can readers find you? Social media sites, website, author pages etc.
KM: Website: kallypsomasters.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kallypsomastersauthorpage
Twitter: twitter.com/kallypsomasters
Instagram: instagram.com/kallypsomasters
Goodreads: goodreads.com/goodreadscomkallypsomasters
Pinterest: pinterest.com/kallypsom
For descriptions, excerpts, and links for ALL of Kally’s books, please visit kallypsomasters.com/books

Thank you so much for being on Sunshine Reads. I’m looking forward to your books.

2_8_17 Jessie's Hideout B&N_KoboJESSE’S HIDEOUT

Tillie Hamilton is the latest person to use her 180-year-old house in rural Kentucky as a hideout—taking her cue from the infamous outlaw Jesse James who frequented the place. The house she converted into a bed and breakfast is the only sanctuary she’s ever known, ever since the old woman she inherited it from rescued her from neglect as a small child.

However, sparks fly when her benefactor’s handsome grandson, Greg Buchanan, accuses Tillie of exploiting his grandmother’s memory for her own ends by claiming Gram haunts the inn.

Greg vows to debunk the charlatan’s claims but quickly discovers the charming Tillie is not at all what he expected. Embarrassed to admit he’s another of the conspiracy theorists she scoffs at, he hides his other reason for showing up at her B&B. But while reading his grandmother’s private journals, he learned Jesse James returned to this house in the 1930s, half a century after historians believed he’d been shot dead.

And yet his attraction to Tillie keeps him torn between setting history right and forging a new history of his own in Tillie’s arms. Tensions mount, leaving his grandmother’s spirit to think her dying wish—something she’s wanted since Tillie and Greg were children—may never come true.

Can Gram and Jesse make the two lonely overachievers see they belong in each other’s arms before time runs out for them in this lifetime?

Links (available now, with Google Play coming on/after March 28):

Amazon goo.gl/H6yNdD
Amazon UK goo.gl/5ZTfP7
Amazon CA goo.gl/Tmc6zA
Amazon AU goo.gl/yftGUG
Apple goo.gl/RyluAx
Barnes & Noble goo.gl/528Srj
Kobo goo.gl/Zg1hX7

I’ll also be having an online book signing on my Web site at http://kallypsomasters.com/jesses-hideout-paperback-virtual-signing for those wanting signed, personalized paperback copies sent directly to their homes.

D1rd-rGLJkS._SL250_FMpng_To try my Adult Contemporary Romance Rescue Me Saga series (BDSM, Military), the introduction and first romance is FREE. Download links for MASTERS AT ARMS & NOBODY’S ANGEL are available at http://kallypsomasters.com/master-at-arms-nobodys-angel/.

Release Day A Kinkmas Carol by Tymber Dalton

A Kinkmas Carol by Tymber Dalton is LIVE on BookStrand!!!!!




akc-4Seth and Leah are hosting a kinky Christmas party for their friends, complete with a rigging contest. This time of year is always hard on both of them as they each remember Kaden in their own way, and the past and present come together in their hearts and memories.

Kaden wasn’t just an important part of their lives—he mentored countless people as a founding member of the Suncoast Society munch group. As the revelers congregate and reminisce about their lost friend, it soon becomes apparent to some that, just maybe, there’s an extra guest in attendance who wasn’t on any RSVP list.

Are their imaginations simply running wild due to the evening’s high spirits? Or is it possible that the ultimate control freak is fulfilling a promise he made to those he loved most?


“I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” Seth muttered as he finished shaving. “These are our friends. It’s just dinner.”

akc-2“Exactly.” Leah hugged him from behind, meeting his gaze in the bathroom mirror. “They are our friends. Family.

Left unspoken, they’d also been Kaden’s friends. Many of them he’d known, met through Kaden and Leah. But Seth hadn’t known they were kinky until…

He didn’t want to go there tonight in his head. Not now. Even if part of tonight’s purpose was to raise a glass in Kaden’s memory while celebrating Leah’s birthday early.

Tonight’s dinner was just that—dinner and reminiscing. Ed and Hope, Pat and Lyla, Tony and Shayla, Ross and Loren, Walt and Holly, Derrick and Marcia, Mason, Cole, and Kim, and Scrye and June. They were the ones who could come to this private dinner. Tilly, Cris, and Landry had been invited but couldn’t make it because of their schedule, as had a couple of others.

This was…the core.

The start.

The birthplace of the Suncoast Society.

Well, some of the people, their partners hadn’t been around back then.

Tonight was casual, barbecue and memories, a toast.

The only reason Seth was doing this was Leah had asked him to. She’d wanted a quiet, peaceful, relaxing evening with their friends.

“I’m okay,” she said, echoing his thoughts.

“That’s spooky, babe.”

“I could see it in your face. I’m okay. I feel strong. That’s why I wanted to do this.”

“I know.” He patted her hands, where they’d settled on his midsection. “Let me finish shaving.”

In all honesty, he…just wasn’t feeling Christmasy this year. Not really. Not in a social kind of way. He just didn’t have the energy to be…chipper. He hoped he was putting on a good enough front for Leah, but maybe it was finally having survived the fallout, now he was experiencing a long-delayed reaction.

Absolutely he wanted to decorate the yard and house, yes.

But he wanted to cocoon himself with Leah within its walls, stare, and reminisce. He didn’t want to…people.

It was a feeling he knew would come and go, too. Because he might wake up the next morning eager to get their holiday play party plans finalized.

This, too, shall pass.

The sad melancholy.

Christmas had always been Kaden’s holiday, and Seth would always honor it and his friend.

There were too many good memories embedded in his brain not to.

Yet he’d hit a point where with Leah solidly grounded and doing well in a way even she admitted she never believed possible, and with their financial and personal lives in order…

It allowed him to finally notice the gaping void in his soul.

He could and would fake it. He’d been doing that.

Until his dying day, he’d carry Kaden’s final words in his memory, the sound of his best friend taking his final breaths.

The feel of curling up next to him in bed, Leah on Kaden’s other side, both of them holding him as the ultimate control freak finally released his tenacious grip on this plane and…continued on without them to whatever came next.

Seth wished he believed in heaven or reincarnation or any other number of religious ideologies where he could pretend Kaden was frolicking with a whip and rope bunnies and enjoying the hell out of himself.

Seth had nearly talked himself out of believing that the Halloween sights at the party they’d thrown last year had been spectral visions of the man.

Even though he wouldn’t tell Leah that. If it made her feel better to think that, so be it.

Maybe I need to go to the doctor. Maybe I’m depressed.

As he looked into the mirror once more, for a brief moment he thought he saw Kaden’s grey gaze peering at him.akc-1

Closing his eyes, he counted to three. When he opened them again, it was just his own face staring back at him.

Okay, I definitely need some time with friends to take my mind off things. Obviously, I’m exhausted and too deep in my own head.

* * * *

Leah knew Seth had only gone along with this for her sake.

There was a secret she’d held back from him, though. One of the few cards left by Kaden for her alone, given to her by Ed before they’d even thrown the first Halloween party following Kaden’s death.

Instructions for her about Seth.


Once Seth knows you’re okay and he’s not obsessing over you, he might get depressed. Maybe, if you feel up to it, have a private dinner at the house with the old gang. The original gang. You know who I mean, love. The old-timers. God knows they heard enough about Seth from me that they might be able to gently help him refocus and center himself. Ground him.

I can’t tell you exactly when to do this. That’s up to you based on how he’s doing. But I know that man nearly as well as I know myself, and I know if our positions were reversed, I’d be feeling like that. If you don’t have the strength to do it, I understand, but I think it’d really help him.

Don’t give up on him, sweetheart. If you’ve made it this far, I know you’ll be okay with him. Let him know he doesn’t have to be strong all the time. I know I can’t change what’s happened, but I wish I’d said something to him years ago, when he split with Kelly. I should have, and you were right. I did the best I could back then, love. Perhaps I tried to control things too much. Too exacting.

A Kinkmas Carol by Tymber Dalton from Sunshine Reads on Vimeo.

Do what you feel is best, but please, don’t let my best friend slip away from life and living. Don’t let him dwell too long or deeply. Help him see there are others who can be there for him now, who he should lean on when he needs to. Tell them that. Tell them why you need the dinner for him. Tell them that I asked them to please do this for him.

I love you, Leah. I know you can do this. I know you’re strong enough. And I know you’ll always make me proud.

At the time, she’d sat in Ed’s office and sobbed as she read it, because…well, she knew.

Kaden was right. So, so right. With Seth feeling confident knowing she was okay, and with their college classes now behind them, and their real estate management doing well…

The void in their life was now unavoidably there for Seth. How many times had she caught him unconsciously turning Kaden’s wedding band on his finger? The one Kaden himself had put there just before he died.

But until now, she really hadn’t felt it was the right time, or that Seth was hitting a deep enough low, that she needed to do this. He’d always bounced back before she’d given serious thought to holding that dinner.

Now, with the anniversary of Kaden’s death rolling up on them again, it was time to do this.

For Seth.

And when she’d personally called everyone to invite them, she’d done just as Kaden asked and told them why she wanted to have this dinner. Told them what Kaden had asked of her.

The ghost of Kaden past helping out in the present.

Or would that make it the ghost of Kaden present helping in the future?

In retrospect, they realized everything he’d prepared, he’d done so in the early months right after his diagnosis, completing them and getting them out of his way so he didn’t have to worry about anything.

Kaden the control freak.

Even with everything Leah had to do for the banquet, this was no burden for her. Not really.

Seth was now her Master and husband. These people were her true extended family. The ones who’d been there as much as they could for them when they needed them the most.

The ones who’d understood.

The ones who’d keenly felt Kaden’s loss in their circle, not just his death but his absence, and who had strived to carry on his philosophy to the next generation of people finding their way to the lifestyle.

To welcome newbies, to help educate, to teach safety and fun and finding their own way without guilt and without saddling themselves with preconceived notions.

Extend hospitality and kindness to those who were struggling to come to terms with their truths, sometimes following years of self-denial.

To make sure they always had a place to feel like they were at home.

Tonight would be about embracing that, and the people she loved.

All while remembering the man who was the reason they were all there to start with